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Improve Your Dirt Bike Performance With AMSOIL Dirt Bike Oil

Whether you race motocross, hare scrambles or other events; or hit the trails on weekends with family and friends, you typically have one goal in mind: ride faster and more effectively. In racing, getting out of the gate quickly and grabbing the holeshot is critical to finish on the box. On the trail, you often must modulate the clutch to maneuver around obstacles and tame challenging terrain on your way to the front of the pack.  

AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil delivers consistent clutch feel and outstanding gear protection in four-stroke dirt bikes, providing riders the confidence they need to maximize their performance on the trail and at the track.

Consistent Clutch Feel
Clutch slippage or inconsistent clutch feel can prevent dirt bike riders from riding as fast or effectively as they like. To keep the engine within the power band, riders often modulate the clutch, increasing the opportunity for clutch slippage if low-quality lubricants are used.

AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil’s superior friction-durability properties help minimize clutch slippage, fade and chatter, giving riders consistent clutch feel during takeoffs or when maneuvering around obstacles on the trail. In an extreme simulated-start test, AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil continued to deliver consistent clutch feel following 32 simulated race starts, while a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-branded oil demonstrated inconsistent clutch-lever action and poor clutch feel after 16 starts. The clutch plates lubricated with AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil remained clean and in good overall condition, while the plates using the OEM oil revealed discoloration and wear. AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil’s superior performance helps instill in riders the confidence that their bikes will perform consistently in all types of riding conditions.

Racing is Reseach™
AMSOIL corporately sponsored supercross and motocross racers identified consistent clutch feel as a key performance attribute. Consistent clutch feel is critical to motocross riders during starts to keep the bike from lurching forward prior to the gate dropping. Trail riders, meanwhile, need consistent clutch feel to confidently navigate obstacles without having to shift gears and lose momentum.

Shear Stability
High-revving dirt bikes can tear apart the molecular structure of motor oil, resulting in viscosity loss. Most four-stroke bikes use a shared sump that supplies oil for the motor, transmission and primary chaincase. Transmission gears can cause shear-induced viscosity loss if inferior oils are used. Oil that has lost viscosity can fail to develop a strong lubricating film on metal components, leading to wear. AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil’s durable synthetic base oils naturally resist viscosity loss due to mechanical shear.

Protects Gears Against Wear
By retaining its viscosity despite high heat and shearing forces, AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil guards against gear wear for maximum component life, helping riders get the most out of their bikes.

Replaces More Expensive Oils
AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil is a high-performance replacement for more expensive, imported OEM-branded oils.

Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil

Ensures cool operating temperatures - Delivers maximum wear protection - Long service life
4 Stroke
Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki 
4 Stroke
KTM, Husqvarna or any dirt bike calling for a 10W-50
4 Stroke
KTM, Husqvarna or any dirt bike calling for a 10W-60
2 Stroke
- Provides outstanding film strength
- Delivers maximum power
- Burns clean
Fuel Additives and Carburetor Cleaner
Octane Boost

- Increases octane up to 3 numbers
- Improves startup performance
- Designed to increase power

- Cleans fuel systems
- Addresses ethanol-related performance issues
- Stabilizes fuel
Gasoline Stabilizer

- Helps keep fuel from deteriorating
- Protects against varnish and gum buildup
- Helps keep engines running at peak performance
Power Foam

- Cleans combustion intake systems
- Maximizes horsepower
- Restores startability
Suspension and Transmission Fluids
Shock Therapy
Lightweight #5
-  For quick rebounds under extreme temperatures
- Maximum stability and performance
- Reduces wear and scuffing
Shock Therapy
Medium #10
- For more dampening and slower rebounds
- Maximum stability and performance
- Reduces wear and scuffing
Transmission Fluid
SAE 80
- Confident clutch feel
- Protects gears
Suspension and Transmission Fluids
Silicone Spray

- Lubricates and protects nonmetal surfaces
- Locks-out moisture
- Will not attract dust or dirt
Metal Protector

- Disperses water
- Protects metal surfaces
- Penetrates existing rust build-up

Metal Protector
Heavy Duty
- Ideal for motorcycle chains
- Special rest and corrosion inhibitors
- Provides a dry, long
-lasting protective coating

Miracle Wash

- Requires no water
- Holds dirt in suspension while bike is wiped clean
- Protects against UV rays
Heavy Duty
- Loosens grease & grime
- Fast-acting
- Leaves a clean scent

Chain Lube
Heavy Duty
- Outstanding protection against wear and corrosion
- Helps extend chain life
- Does not attract dirt