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Common Car Maintenance Questions Answered

Cars are complex pieces of machinery. They are made up of so many systems and components. Each model is unique, so it can be hard to make generalizations about how and when to conduct certain maintenance tasks. On top of this, each car owner’s priorities are different - for example, for some, the main objective is fuel economy, whereas for others maximum power and acceleration is the ultimate goal. In today’s blog, your local AMSOIL Dealer - Green Spring Tractor is going to answer a few of the most common maintenance questions.

What's the Minimum Amount That I Should Drive My Car?

We all know that leaving your car parked at the side of the road for months at a time is not good for it - the battery loses charge, the tires gradually lose pressure, and the engine is left vulnerable to rust and damage. When the engine is turned on and oil is circulating around your motor, it ‘mops up’ reactive particles that can lead to rust and corrosion. When the engine is switched off and cools down, the oil pools together and is not able to pass through all the components, protecting them from harm. For this reason, it’s important that you drive your car at least a few miles every couple of weeks. Simply turning the engine on and allowing it to warm up may be enough to get the engine oil circulating, but it will drain the battery even more and won’t give it the chance to recharge. For the battery to recharge your vehicle needs to be in motion. The best way to protect your engine from rust damage is with a synthetic motor oil, like the products developed by AMSOIL. These oils offer a wide range of benefits, including longer-lasting protection and reduced oil-change frequency. Call your local AMSOIL Dealer - Green Spring Tractor today at (717) 776-4040 to find out more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change.

Why Are My Brakes Squealing?

There are many reasons that you may hear ‘squealing’ sounds coming from your brakes, and some are more serious than others. If you hear the squealing when you first set-off in the morning, but it goes away after a few miles, it is likely to be due to a little dirt, moisture or rust that has built up on the rotors overnight. This is normal and nothing to worry about. If on the other hand, the noise is constant or gets progressively worse when driving, this could be a sign that it’s time for new pads. Brake pads take a huge amount of force whenever you apply the brakes (which, for those of us that live in cities is pretty much constantly). This means that they don’t last forever and you will need to change them at regular intervals.

How Can I Tell If My Radiator Is Leaking?

If you can see the temperature warning light on your dashboard, this means there is an issue with your radiator. This is often due to a leak in the circuit. First, take a look at the coolant level. If this is going down very quickly, then the leak is probably in the coolant system. The radiator is often a good place to start when looking for a leak, then move on to the hoses and other components. If you can’t find an obvious leak, take you car in to see a professional mechanic as the gasket may have blown, allowing coolant inside the combustion chambers.

How Often Should I Change My Motor Oil?

Many car manufacturers recommend changing your motor oil every 3,000 miles. However, this can be a bit excessive. You need to change your motor oil once it begins to degrade and can no longer perform its lubricative and protective functions. You can check the state of your motor oil by looking at the dipstick under the hood (look in your owner’s manual to find out exactly where to find it). Remove the dipstick. The oil on the stick should be nice and runny, clear and golden in color. If it is thick, black and opaque, this means that it is time for an oil change.

Get More from Your Oil with a Synthetic Oil Change in Chambersburg

Synthetic motor oil last longer between oil changes and is less likely to break down at extreme temperatures when compared to conventional motor oils. Contact your local AMSOIL Dealer - Green Spring Tractor today at (717) 776-4040 for more information about the many benefits of a synthetic oil change and to get the best products for your car.

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