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Raise your hand if you know you’ve been a little negligent with your car. We are all guilty of some of these common car maintenance mistakes; we should be better car owners. James Martin, AMSOIL dealer in Newville will like you to know and do something about the maintenance mistakes.

Ignoring Your Dashboard Signs

There is no clearer indicator that there is something wrong with your car than the signs lighting up in your dashboard. It’s better to handle them when they first appear instead of waiting until something else goes wrong.

Not Checking the Tire Pressure

Your tires may look properly inflated, but they might not have the proper tire pressure. Even if they don’t blow up, they may cause you to spend more fuel. You should check tire pressure regularly.

Not Having a Synthetic Oil Change in Newville

Using synthetic oil you may not have to change the oil with as much frequency as with conventional oil, but you still have to do it. Oil has to be as fresh as possible for your engine to operate as it should.

Driving With an Overheated Engine

When your car starts overheating, you don’t really want to pull up and stop. You think it's easier to get home or to your destination, but you shouldn’t. You need to give your car the time to cool and the coolants to do their job as soon as it starts overheating. Just pull over and turn it off.

If You Require a Synthetic Oil Change in Newville

If you are in the market for the best synthetic oil in Newville, you need to go to AMSOIL dealer: James Martin. Give them a call at: (717) 776-4040 and they will let you know about all the benefits of a synthetic oil change.

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