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Car breakdowns happen when we least expect them and they can represent a major setback during your trip and even become a threat. However, regular care and maintenance is the best way to avoid these problems. For this reason at Green Spring Tractor in Harrisburg we would like to share some of the most common reasons for a car breakdown.

Top Reasons for Car Breakdowns

Dead Battery

It's relatively difficult finding out the condition of your battery, however it's estimated that you change it every 3-5 years. Make sure to pay attention to certain red flags such as trouble while starting your engine or dimmed lights.

Flat Tires

Warm temperatures and regular use will make your tires lose air gradually. It's recommended that you check the tire pressure regularly and have your spare and tools ready to replace flat tires caused by puncturing objects.


Motor oil and coolant levels are also very important to prevent your car from overheating, as they disperse the heat and prevent excessive wear in the engine. Make sure to inspect these important fluids and replace them according to your vehicle's specifications. These are some areas that require special attention, as they can leave you stranded on the road. However, performing certain maintenance chores and following your vehicle's maintenance schedule can prevent this problem. Also, be sure to read our guide to stay safe while driving at night.

Synthetic Oil in Harrisburg

Using the right oil can improve your engine's cleansing and performance and at Green Spring Tractor we will be glad to assist you finding the right product. Consider us next time you are looking for AMSOIL Oil in Harrisburg. Please call (717) 776-4040 to place an order.

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