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If your car could talk, what would it say? Apart from scaring you completely, you’d probably hear many complaints. Although our vehicles don’t have a voice to communicate, they do have many little signs that light up in the dashboard when something’s going on. Do you know what they all mean? In this post AMSOIL Dealer: James Martin has prepared for you, we will explore what your dashboard is telling you. Prepared to be ‘illuminated’.

Battery Light

If the battery charge light turns on, you might be looking into three possible options:
  • The alternator is failing
  • The alternator’s drive belt is broken or lose
  • There’s a lose starter terminal in your battery
If this happens while you are driving, try to park right away and switch your engine off to check what the problem is. Remember to wait until the car has cooled down a bit before you try working on it, you don't want to get burned.

Brake System Light

If the break system lights up once you’ve released the hand break, it might indicate that you are running low on brake fluid. You should check your brake fluid, and top it off if it’s running low. If you are unsure about how to do this, consult your owner’s manual. Refilling the fluid should turn the indicator light off, but if it’s still on the sensor might be faulty.

Engine Warning Light

You’ll probably notice that there is a problem with your engine even if the dashboard light hasn’t said it yet. The car might be shutting down, you might hear a stuttering when you press the accelerator, there might be other indicators. This are some of the most typical ones:
  • The oxygen sensor might need to be replaced, if you don’t have it change your vehicle will burn more fuel than necessary. The faulty sensor might affect the catalytic converter or the spark plugs.
  • The gas cap is loose or damaged. Since its job its job is to maintain the pressure in the fuel tank and prevent gas fumes from being released, if it’s broken it won’t do what is has to. Your fuel will probably evaporate, making the trips to the gas station more frequent.
  • The catalytic converter needs to be replaced. This piece turns carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, if you don’t get it change your car will probably not pass the emissions test and your vehicles performance won’t be as good as expected.
  • You need to change the spark plugs, they ignite the mixed in the combustion vehicle. Not replacing them means reduced power and fuel.
To be sure of the engine problem you should take you care for a mechanical check-up, before the damage becomes irreparable. While you are there, treat your engine to a synthetic oil change. For your next synthetic oil change, you should use only the best products, these would be AMSOIL automotive products. AMSOIL Dealer: James Martin has got you covered, from synthetic oil for your car, to your dirt bike, motorcycle or atv. You can call him at: (717) 776-4040 to find out just what product you need.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Light

One of your tires is possibly running low in air pressure or the sensor might be malfunctioning. Check your owner’s manual to know the appropriate air pressure your tires should have.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

As you probably guessed it, your oil level or pressure are running low. It could also mean the oil temperature is too high. When the oil temperature gets too high or the levels are running low, the oil can’t lubricate the engine and keep it cool. Prevent possible engine damage by getting a synthetic oil change, having your vehicle checked by a mechanic and not missing the necessary service appointments.

Airbag Light

When your air bag isn’t working properly then you are not protected in case of a collision. It won’t go off if you happen to get into a car crash and you and your passenger could be injured. If the airbag light is on the best you could do is take it to a mechanic. Not only will it not protect you, but it could suddenly go off and actually harm you. You’d be hurt and still have to pay for getting it fixed.

For a Synthetic Oil Change, James Martin

AMSOIL Dealer: James Martin has the AMSOIL products you need for your next synthetic oil change. Call him at: (717) 776-4040, his many years of automotive experience can be really helpful for you and your vehicle.

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