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Your vehicle requires care and maintenance to stay in perfect condition, however skipping these chores can lead  breakdowns and even threaten your safety.  Keep in mind that sometimes your vehicle will give you some signs that it needs immediate attention. For this reason at Green Spring Tractor, we would like to share useful advice on this important topic.

Pay Attention to thee Warning Signs

Check for Fluid Leaks

It's important that you examine every once in a while  under your car for any fluid leaks. Remember that you should check the temperature warning light, as it can point to engine overheating due to lack of coolant or oil.

Unfamiliar Noises

Your car is designed to run smoothly, however uncommon sounds can also be a sign that your engine requires attention. Try to identify under what circumstances these noises appear, so you can explain them to your mechanic.

Dashboard Warning Lights

Your motor contains sensors that will let you know when there is potential trouble in your vehicle. Although, you won't know what the problem is, it's crucial that you don't neglect this red flag and take your vehicle to the mechanic. It's also important that you read your owner's manual, as it will allow you learning more about your vehicle and its specifications and follow the suggested maintenance schedule. Also, this summer you should perform certain chores to prepare your car for the road, so be sure to read our guide to summerize your vehicle.

Synthetic Oil in Newville

Remember that fresh motor oil will protect your engine against friction and reduces de formation of sludge. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Newville, think about  Green Spring Tractor for your AMSOIL needs. Call (717) 776-4040 to place an order.

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