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Increase Performance and Reduce Ongoing Costs With a Synthetic Oil Change in Dauphin County

From your speedboat to your jetski. From your regular day-to-day drive to a performance car. Even from your lawnmower right through to your range of professional landscaping equipment. While each of these engines can seem completely different, they all share one common factor - their need for proper lubrication to not only run optimally, but run for longer. With this post, Amsoil Dealer - James Martin has a few pieces of information for you to read about how you can increase the performance of each of these engines, and also reduce your ongoing maintenance costs associated with owning them. Whether you just use your lawnmower once a month, or you’re a water activity enthusiast, or if you just love your muscle car, Amsoil Dealer - James Martin has just what you need to get the job done.

Keep Your Maintenance Costs Down

When buying a car or a watercraft most savvy buyers consider the ongoing maintenance costs of its ownership. Not just putting gas into the tank each week but right down to mechanics visits and the amount of products you’ll be required to buy. To understand where these maintenance costs can come from, a brief rundown of how the initial damage occurs, is required. Inside your engine sits a number of metal parts that, when activated leap into action to collide against and slide along each other, all for the purpose of continued operation. When this action occurs without sufficient protection or with the use of conventional oil, the metal to metal interaction causes small chips to occur. As this happens, these small chips of your engine's components are sent travelling through your fluid lines. While it’s bad enough that these chips are occurring on the parts themselves, each part they hit on the way through can feel the damage. Over time, usually a short period, this can cause rapid degradation of these parts leading to an increase in the frequency you need to visit the mechanic for parts replacement and general engine service. When talking about the parts inside your engine, providing them with the level of protection they need to prevent this type of damage is as easy as speaking with a professional to perform a quick and easy synthetic oil change in Dauphin County. With the included additives in synthetic oil, these engine parts are protected with a barrier of lubrication, working to minimizing this and many other types of damage from occurring. The less damage that occurs throughout your engine, the less you have to spend on ongoing maintenance and part replacement. Give us a call here at Amsoil Dealer - James Martin on (717) 776 4040 and tell us the type of engine you’re using and let us find the right matching product. With an extensive range of high quality synthetic oils to choose from, Amsoil Dealer - James Martin is in the best position to help you get the most out of your engine and keep your ongoing maintenance and repair costs down.

Give Your Performance a Boost

When engine operates are using a conventional oil, the extreme pressures inside your engine and rapid moving parts can cause conventional oil to breakdown and lose it benefits, leaving your engine to operate with little and potentially no form of lubrication. Along with protecting your engine against damage, the barrier of lubrication afforded with synthetic oil has another great benefit it can provide - an increase in your engine’s performance through sufficient lubrication. As the parts interact together with the comprehensive film of protection provided with synthetic oil, instead of bare metal to metal grinding, synthetic oil coates each part with a comprehensive layer of lubrication.  This layer works to reduce friction throughout each moving part and promotes much smoother operation of each individual part. With these parts now given what they need to operate smoothly, your engine is allowed to operate optimally, with each movement leading to more power and more performance.

The Best Synthetic Oil Change in Dauphin County

If you own any of the abovementioned engines, or even one we haven't spoken about, synthetic oil can provide immense benefits in the way or protecting your engine against damage, and increase its output. Pick up the phone and give Amsoil Dealer - James Martin a call on (717) 776-4040. With extensive knowledge and expert advice, let Amsoil Dealer - James Martin advise you on the right product for your engine needs. If you prefer to do some research yourself before ordering, check out our online store with even more expanded information on the benefits included with our large range of synthetic oil products.

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