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Does Engine Placement Affect Handling?

Everyone knows where to find their vehicle’s engine, however not everybody knows the difference between an engine placed in the front and an engine placed in the back. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of both, Amsoil Dealer - James Martin has prepared a post which can help. In most basic models, they are located under the hood at the front of the car. Placing your engine at the front provides you with more room in the cabin area for comfortable seats and extra legroom. It also means that you can easily access the engine in order to perform maintenance. Having the engine at the front of the vehicle means that your car will function with ‘front-wheel drive.' This means that the engine provides power to the front wheels while the rear wheels just provide support but do not generate any power. In all wheel drives, the engine gives power to all four wheels at the same time.

But What Is Better When Thinking About Your Car's Performance?

Front mounted engines have traditionally been a lot more common, but nowadays many elite car manufacturers are looking into the benefits of rear-mounted engines instead.

So, Why Might Rear-Wheel Drive Be Superior to Front-Wheel Drive?

Rear-wheel drive spreads the load of the car over all four tires. The engine provides power to the rear wheels to push the car forward while the front wheels take more of the responsibility for steering. This spreads the work across all four tires. Conversely, in front-wheel drive, the front wheels pull the car forward while also being responsible for steering. This can place more pressure on the tires, making them wear out more quickly. It also makes the car harder to steer, decreasing handling capabilities. Weight is also distributed differently in front-wheel drive compared to rear-wheel drive. In front-wheel drive, the vehicle is front-loaded, with more weight at the front than at the back. In rear-wheel drive weight is spread more evenly across all four tires. For this reason, rear-wheel drive vehicles are more stable when turning corners at high speeds. Rear-wheel drive vehicles are usually the preferred choice for racing drivers and elite sports cars. When considering acceleration, the difference between front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive is like the difference between pushing a cart from behind or pulling it along from in front. Pulling from the front creates more drag and is quite inefficient. Pushing from behind allows for improved acceleration as it reduces drag, maximizing efficiency. Whether front or rear-mounted, the best way to increase your engine’s performance and longevity remains the same - a synthetic oil change with a high-quality synthetic motor oil. Synthetic motor oil provides superior protection at a wider range of temperatures. Call your local Amsoil Dealer – James Martin today at (717) 776-4040 to find out more about how a synthetic oil change in Newville can help your engine perform, no matter where the engine is placed. There are, however, some advantages of front-mounted engines when compared to rear-mounted engines. Most importantly, front-mounted engines provide more space for drivers and passengers in the cabin. They are more comfortable and functional for going on long journeys with a number of people. Front-mounted engines are also more stable in snowy or icy conditions, due to the extra weight at the front of the car. This could be an important safety consideration depending on whereabouts in the country you live, or where you like to travel in your vehicle. Front-wheel drive cars are usually much more economical than rear-wheel drive as they are cheaper to manufacture. If you are looking for an everyday family car, perhaps super fast acceleration and the ability to corner at high speeds are not your top priorities. Maybe you’d prefer to have more room to fit extra passengers and luggage in, or you need the extra stability of a front-heavy car in order to go driving in the mountains on your vacations. Perhaps cost is also a consideration. In this case, a front-wheel drive car would be the best to fit your needs. On the other hand, if what you’re after is a super-fast, high performing sports car to race around the track at weekends, then you’re probably not too fussed about compromising on cabin space, for the added performance benefits provided by a rear-mounted engine.

Improve Engine Performance with a Synthetic Oil Change in Newville

Your choice of engine oil can also have an impact on your engine’s performance as well as its lifetime. Synthetic engine oils have been scientifically formulated and perfected to provide superior functionality. Synthetic oils perform better than conventional oils at a much wider range of temperatures, are superior at providing protection against rust, and last longer between oil changes. Call your local Amsoil Dealer – James Martin today at (717) 776 4040 to get the right oil for your next synthetic oil change.

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