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Racing oil lubrication. Drag racing oil vs. traditional racing oil. Differences between racing oil and regular engine oil.

Lubrication is Protection

Based on the circumstances that your engine faces and the conditions that you put it through, its protection needs will vary. There is a great variety of engine lubricants to meet the conditions that engines face. Engines deal with all kinds of wear and harm so they need protection that matches their needs. That is why today we want to focus on the needs of racing engines and explain the differences between them and that of regular cars.

No Matter What Kind of Engine Lubrication You Need, Synthetic Is Always the Go-To Deal

The number one thing you need to consider when looking at a lubricant is its application. Consider what it will need to protect against and what conditions it will need to perform under. Based on this, the lubricant should meet certain requirements. The top lubricants, whether regular or racing oil, are synthetic. That is because regardless of the application, the base oil is what determines the main molecular structure composition. Synthetic is always sturdier and more reliable than conventional petroleum base oils. This gives it the ideal base chemistry to protect and it enables any additional benefits to be more efficient. AMSOIL has the best lubricants for every kind of application, from regular car engines to racing vehicles. Contact  Green Spring Tractor at (717) 776-4040 and ask about the right lubricant for the job.

Racing Oils Have Different Additive Packages

What really marks the difference between one synthetic lubricant and another is the quality and the additive package it contains. The additive package is what helps the oil adapt to the specific needs of each engine use. Racing oils are created to withstand the harsh conditions that racing engines face. Most racing oils are synthetic because they need to provide unmatched engine lubrication. They are formulated to lubricate under more demanding conditions, such as extremely high temperatures, ongoing engine demands, and increased pressure. However, even between engine oils, there is a big difference in the the kind of protection required for each type of race. Since not all car races are carried out in the same way, not all engines need to meet the same demands, and therefore, their lubrication needs vary.

Drag Racing Lubrication vs. Traditional Car Racing Oil

  • Drag races. Drag races are usually between two vehicles that race down a straight path at full speed. The one that crosses the finish line gets the victory. These races are only around a quarter mile long. That makes them pretty short and quick. All of this translates into different things for the engine. For instance, the length of a drag race is short enough to not cause the engine an excessive amount of heat buildup. On the other hand, it does create an extensive demand for speed and rapid response to acceleration. Drag race lubricants don't need to provide as much heat protection as other racing oils, but they do need to have a fast acting formula that reaches all areas quickly for immediate lubrication. Also, due to the short but demanding runs that these engines face, drag racing oils need to have a reliable anti-wear additive package.
  • Traditional car racing. Traditional car races are a lot more demanding in other areas. The longer duration and high-speed demands of circle track racing cause the engine to work a lot harder for longer and greatly increase the internal temperature. That means that in addition to the friction, pressure, and wear that the engine faces during the race, it also needs to combat the intensified heat. Racing oils that are created for more traditional car races such as those of circle track races need to have exceptional heat protection and reliable friction protection. The viscosity and additive package is different for these types of race oils in comparison to race oils for drag racing. Due to the very high temperatures that the engine faces in traditional races, the oil needs to be a lot thicker so it can lubricate adequately without thinning out and exposing the engine to wear. These engines usually require thicker oils such as AMSOIL's DOMINATOR® SAE 60 Racing Oil which is proven to outperform other racing oils that face the intense heat and demanding conditions of the race track.

Street Oil and Racing Lubricants for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Dauphin County

Although the superiority in protection makes racing oil very appealing, it is important to keep in mind that more isn't always better. Always buy the kind of oil that is needed for the specific conditions that your vehicle will face and opt for synthetic lubricants. Call Green Spring Tractor at (717) 776-4040  today and get a hold of the top AMSOIL products for your regular vehicle or racing car.

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