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How to Store Gardening Equipment When Not in Use

While there are some gardening items that you might use each month, there are likely others that you don't use for an entire season. If you have gardening equipment that you store for extended periods of time, take these tips from Green Spring Tractor on how to protect your equipment while it's in storage. 

  • The best place to start is by draining your oil. Over time your the operation of your engine will have pulled in foreign contaminants through your air and oil filter.  Take the time to drain your oil and then refill your tank with a synthetic based oil that can make sure your engine ready for its next use.
  • While we're talking about contaminants, empty your fuel tank, or simply run the engine dry. It doesn't matter which method you prefer, the important part is to remove the fuel from your tanks and tubes to flush out any contaminants that could start to cause damage while your equipment is not being used.
  • If your equipment utilizes a battery, disconnect it. While you're at it, pay attention to the environment you're storing it in and make sure that any and all cables and connections are covered and protected from any weather damage that could lead to rust or grime build up.
  • Equipment covers aren't just for looks, they also protect the exterior of your equipment from build up that could cause serious damage to your paint and any plastics controls and levers.

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If the above tips have you got thinking about taking the opportunity to switch your equipment over to a synthetic based oil, speak with an expert at Green Spring Tractor on (717) 776-4040. Along with protecting your engine while it rests, our experts can discuss with you how using a Synthetic Oil in Harrisburg can also prevent engine wear.

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