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To lubricate your vehicle in a proper manner, you will require different products. Read this post to learn what they are, and go through AMSOIL's online store to get your hands on the best ones.

How to Lubricate Your Vehicle Properly

Lubricating your vehicle properly is essential if you want to maintain it in top shape for years and years to come. To do so, however, you need to employ a few different lubricants. For a quick guide on what each of those is, continue reading!

The Motor Oil

Let's start with the most important of lubricants, motor oil. As you can deduce from the name, this oil works with the motor, which means it's instrumental for the proper functioning of your vehicle. Its main job is to keep the moving components inside the engine protected, since they can wear and tear from the friction they constantly have to endure. Additionally, the motor oil smooths out the processes that go on in the engine, helping your vehicle run in a more efficient way. If you want to expand your engine's lifespan and keep it in perfect working condition, you will need to replace its motor oil every so often (e.g. twice a year), as old/dirty oil can actually harm your engine and render it useless.

Employ the correct motor oil to have a strong engine for longer. Green Spring Tractor in Dauphin County recommends using AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil in your next synthetic oil replacement.

The Transmission Fluid

What would your vehicle be without any power? A pile of metal, that's what! If you want your vehicle to run, you need to take care of the transmission system, since it is responsible for providing the power your vehicle needs to move (both in manual and automatic vehicles). However, much like in the engine, the moving components that make up the transmission system run the risk of being damaged from the incessant rubbing that goes on between them. In this case, it is the transmission fluid's job to provide the lubrication and protection these components need to continue working as desired. Even though the transmission fluid doesn't need to be changed as often as the motor oil, you should check on it at least once a year to ensure it is doing its job well.

The Brake Fluid

Lest you want to put your and other people's safety in peril every time you drive your vehicle, you will have to pay close attention to the brake fluid. Aside from providing a protective layer for the parts of the braking system, it also delivers the necessary pressure to stop or slow down your vehicle each time you hit the brake pedal. In the case of the brake fluid, you will need to check your owner's manual or ask a reliable mechanic to find out how often you should change it, though it's probably every 1 to 2 years.

The Synthetic Grease

The wheel bearings, the chassis, and other components in your vehicle also need lubrication and protection, which is where the synthetic grease comes in. Greases are thicker and stickier, which makes them perfect to protect moving parts that are located in areas where it would be hard to use a more fluid lubricant.

Pick up the most effective synthetic grease for your vehicle by calling Green Spring Tractor in Dauphin County at (717) 776-4040.

The Gear Lube

Gear lube is a special type of lubricant that isn't necessary for every vehicle, but we thought we'd mention it in here anyway. It is mostly used for heavy machinery or vehicles with certain types of transmission systems. It is more resistant to extreme temperatures, which makes it ideal to work in harsh conditions.

The Penetration Lubricants

Every type of lubricant we've discussed so far is used to protect moving components. This isn't the case of penetration lubricants, however, as they are used to repair one-time issues (like a stuck bolt in your vehicle). Their consistency is also different: they are thinner, which helps them sink into every nook and cranny.

The Dry Lubricants

Last but not least, we have dry lubricants. As made obvious by their name, they aren't wet. This characteristic makes them the ideal candidates to lubricate areas in the vehicle that don't allow much moisture (for example, the door lock). Two of the most common dry lubricants are graphite and silicone.

Browse through AMSOIL's online store, or call Green Spring Tractor at (717) 776-4040 to save time and money on your vehicle's maintenance, with help from the best synthetic oil in Dauphin County.


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