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How to Know Your Transmission Needs Help

It can be hard to always know what's happening with your transmission as you drive, and any problems that you may notice might not be thought of as transmission related. In this post, Green Spring Tractor has a few signs to share to look out for.

Sticky Gear Shifts

The most common problem you will notice are sticky gears or a certain gear that's particularly problematic to shift into. If you're hitting the clutch and either noticing that your foot is going down harder, or you just don't feel that your changes are what they used to be - it's time to pay your transmission some attention.

What's That Smell?

If you can smell burning oil but aren't able to locate where it's coming from - it could be your transmission and it's fluid. If your transmission system has a leak it's potentially burning on the engine as it drips, causing the smell. Take a more thorough look through your engine and speak with a mechanic about potential leakage from your transmission.

You Shouldn't Hear Noises in Neutral

While one of the more rare signs, it can happen. If you're car is sitting in neutral and you can hear noises from your transmission, then there's likely something not right. Start by topping up your transmission fluid to remedy the problem. If not, it's time to give your transmission the once-over.

Amsoil Synthetic Oil Change in Newville

Of course, if you notice any oil or fluids dripping then it's pretty safe to say something isn't right. Head to your local mechanic to fix the leak and speak with Green Spring Tractor on (717) 776-4040 about how your transmission can benefit from switching to the use of a Synthetic Oil in Newville.

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