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This post will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes as well as lubrication options for each.

Things to Consider When Selecting a  Dirt Bike

In a previous post, we discussed some of the basics on how two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bike engines work. We also briefly explained the lubrication needs of each and shared a few specifications of both engine types. Today, however, we want to retake the subject and discuss some of the pros and cons of two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes that you need to consider when selecting a dirt bike.

Two-Stroke Vs. Four-Stroke Dirt Bikes

As always, there seems to be the age long debate going on between two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bike riders. Reaching an answer is next to impossible because every rider has different criteria that they value. In reality, we cannot state that one is better than the other because that is very subjective. Each type of dirt bike has it´s good qualities and it´s not soo great characteristics. All we can really do is expose both the good, the bad, and any additional information of both two-stroke and four-stroke dirt bikes so that each rider can make a better-informed decision in regards to the dirt bike they decide to own. Also, it is important to keep in mind that there are different specifications besides the engine type and that you need to take all of this into consideration when choosing the ideal dirt bike for your needs. Consider not only your wants but also your needs as you might want a big four-stroke dirt bike but a smaller two-stroke dirt bike might be a better fit for your body type while you get the hang of it and learn to control it better. Two-stroke or four-stroke dirt bikes?

Two-Stroke Dirt Bikes

Two-stroke dirt bikes remain popular among riders for different reasons. For one, the simplified design of the two-stroke engine, along with the compact size of it combine into a very light and powerful engine that is easy to throw around and manipulate without having to sacrifice power. However, just like it has its upsides it also has its downsides. These bikes are more difficult to ride because it´s harder to control them and they require more frequent shifting that makes it tougher for beginners to handle.

Advantages of Two-Stroke Dirt Bikes

  • Two-stroke engines are smaller, have a simpler process, and contain fewer parts and pieces, that means they are less expensive and easier to maintain.
  • They are lightweight and easy to ride.
  • Many are attracted to their unpredictable power kick which makes it a little more exhilarating to ride.

Disadvantages of Two-Stroke Dirt Bikes

  • They require a very specific blend of pre-mix oil to fuel ratio in order to function properly. It is important to keep extra oil on hand even if the fuel is sufficient.
  • They do not have a separate lubrications system. The fuel and oil both travel together to power the engine and lubricate it, and there is a specific ratio that needs to be followed according to manufacturer´s recommendations. For more info, on simplifying and understanding two-stroke mix ratios, visit this post here.
  • Not having a separate lubricating system takes a toll on the engine and causes the engine to last less than others.
  • Since there is no lubrication system the oils and lubrication process is not as efficient as it could be. That makes it even more important to have a quality lubricant.

Synthetic Oil for Your Two-Stroke Dirt Bike

AMSOIL carries the best synthetic oil for the protection of your motor. For two-stroke dirt bikes, the DOMINATOR® Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil is the perfect lubricant. It enhances the performance of the engine while improving the protection and durability of it. For more information or guidance in selecting the ideal two-stroke or four-stroke lubricant, contact Green Spring Tractor today.

Four-Stroke Dirt Bikes

  Four-stroke dirt bikes are a lot more sturdy and reliable. Although they are bigger and more complex engines they have a smoother powerband. This makes it easier to ride which is perfect for beginners as it allows them to have better control over the dirt bike. The four-stroke engine has more controlled power which makes it ideal for trails and rougher terrains. The parts in these engines are bigger but tend to be more sturdy and durable which means less frequent maintenance.

Disadvantages of Four-Stroke Dirt Bikes

  • The four-stroke dirt bikes tend to be heavier.
  • They tend to be more expensive.
  • They can be louder than two-stroke dirt bikes.

Advantages of Four-Stroke Dirt Bikes

  • Easier to control, maneuver, and ride on all kinds of rough trails.
  • Better fuel efficiency and greater oil protection.
  • With proper maintenance, they are more durable than two-stroke engines.

Synthetic Oil Change  in Newville for Your Dirt Bike

No matter what kind of dirt bike you chose or have it is important to care for the engine and protect it wi"h the right lubricant. AMSOIL carries the best two-stroke and four-stroke lubricants for your dirt bike. You can find all the best products for your dirt bike at Green Spring Tractor at (717) 776-4040  

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