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It’s no secret that regular maintenance is the first step towards keeping in your vehicle in perfect condition. However, there are certain chores that are relatively easy to overlook and that can decrease your engine’s performance and eventually lead to costly repairs. For this reason at Green Spring Tractor in Newville, we would like to share useful advice on maintaining your vehicle. 

Carry Out a Simple Check-Up

There are certain key activities that you should perform on a regular basis. Remember that you should inflate your tires according to its specifications, which will improve the fuel efficiency of your car. Also, clean the windshield, change your filter and check all the lights and wipers.

Change the Oil Regularly

Keeping your engine lubricated is crucial to prevent overheating, mechanical wear and other issues. Look for your oil dipstick and check the oil level and don’t forget to also inspect the hoses and belts. It’s estimated that you have to change the oil at least every 5000 miles, just remember that you should read the owner’s manual to learn more about your car specifications. 

Hire a Professional

There are certain tasks that you may not be able to perform, as you require experience and the right equipment to carry them out. Taking you car to service is the best way to correct and prevent any problems in your car, plus your owner’s manual contains a maintenance schedule that you should check regularly. 

The summer vacation is around the corner and making sure that your car is ready for the road will ensure your safety and make your trip more pleasant. If you own a motorcycle, summer is  also the perfect time to perform certain maintenance chores, so be sure to read our guide on this topic. 

For Synthetic Oil in Newville

There are many reasons to choose synthetic oils over conventional ones, as they were created to reduce the engine wear under the most extreme weather conditions. If you are looking for synthetic oil in Newville, think about Green Spring Tractor, where you will find the AMSOIL product you need for your equipment. Call (717) 776-4040 to learn more about products.

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