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What Is Motor Oil for and Why Is Synthetic Oil Superior?

There are so many pieces of technology in our modern lives that we tend just to use them without giving any thought to how they work or why we use them in the way that we do. Not many of us have ever thought about how the water travels from the boiler to the shower, and the process that it goes through along the way. Similarly, we don’t often stop to think about the general maintenance that we do to our cars. We know we should check our tire pressure – but do we know why? We know we need to check coolant levels, but do we know how the coolant works? The same goes for motor oil. We all know that we need it in our engine, and we might have the idea that synthetic oil is a better option – but do we really know what motor oil does? And if synthetic oil is better, what does it do better, and why? In this article, Amsoil Dealer – James Martin would like to explain a little more about the functions that motor oil performs in your vehicle’s engine, and why synthetic oil is widely believed to be the best investment for your engine.

The 5 Main Functions of Motor Oil


Motor oil is often referred to as ‘engine lubricant’ or ‘motor lubricant’ as its number one function is to provide lubrication between the engine’s moving parts. The engine is made up of many metal components. If these were allowed to rub up against each other, as the surfaces are rough, this would create a lot of friction, heat and lead to damage in the long-term. Motor oil provides a frictionless barrier between these components, allowing them to slide freely over one another without creating excess heat or wear. Synthetic oils react better in the conditions inside an engine – they continue to perform their lubricating function even at the high temperatures which are produced during long journeys or at high speeds. Traditional oils tend to break down under these conditions, preventing them from being able to protect your engine, right when it needs it the most. To find out more about the benefits of synthetic oil and to increase your engine’s lifetime and save you money on mechanic’s bills with a synthetic oil change in Dauphin County, call Amsoil Dealer – James Martin today at (717) 776-4040.

Protect Against Wear

Engine components are made from metals such as iron or an aluminum alloy. These metals are not inert substances and will react with other elements under the right conditions, in a process known as ‘corrosion.' The most commonly known form of corrosion is the when a metal reacts with an oxygen-containing compound, to form a metal-oxide, or ‘rust.' Motor oil protects against these process in 2 ways – firstly, it prevents the surface of the metal coming into contact with potentially reactive compounds. Secondly, synthetic oils contain special substances that help to ‘deactivate’ potentially corrosive compounds, providing better protection over a longer period.

Keep Things Clean

With such small tubes, pipes and other components in the engine, it is essential that everything stays perfectly clean to avoid narrowing or blockages. Motor oils help keep your engine clean by sweeping up unwanted particles and not allowing them to adhere to any surfaces. However, traditional motor oils can leave their deposits, increasing the frequency of which they have to be fully changed. Synthetic motor oils are less prone to leave deposits, particularly at higher temperatures and therefore may need to be changed less frequently.

Protect Against Shock

As there is not much space between the engine’s components, any sudden large movement or impact could cause components to come into contact with each other under force, creating what is known as ‘mechanical shock.' Motor oil serves as a shock absorber and decreases the risk of damaged.

Keep Things Cool

Motor oil helps to cool your engine in two ways – firstly, by reducing friction and therefore any excess heat produced; and secondly, by picking up heat energy where is it produced, transporting it and dispersing it in other places. Traditional oils begin to break down at higher temperatures, whereas synthetic oils continue to perform their two cooling functions and prevent overheating. To prolong the life of your engine with a synthetic oil change in Dauphin County, talk to the experts today at Amsoil Dealer – James Martin by calling (717) 776-4040, or check out our online store for more information.

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