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Lubrication is very important especially when it comes to engines, that is why there is so much emphasis on motor oil. However, there are also other parts of your vehicle or machinery where oil cannot get the job done. That is why it is important to know what lubricant is necessary for other areas and why.

The Importance of Grease

Motor oil may work wonders in the engine but it wouldn´t be very efficient in other parts where there is friction but no lubrication system to help the oil circulate. This is where grease comes in. Grease provides lubrication to areas where the lubricant needs to stay put and does not need to circulate. It is ideal for parts and pieces that face friction but where oil would just slip by and not be very efficient.

Grease Tends to Be a Thick Lubricant

Grease is a very thick lubricant. It works great for areas where lubrication is necessary but it isn´t meant to flow. Oil is also a good lubricant but it works for areas where it needs to be circulating throughout the parts. Although they are both good lubricants for different areas they cannot be interchanged because of their characteristics and properties. The main difference between the two is the consistency.

Grease Composition

Grease is made up of two main elements a lubricant and a thickener. The lubricant is the base oil that allows the grease to be slippery enough to assist in the reduction of friction, and the thickener is what allows grease to hold its place and not flow easily. It is what provides the necessary consistency to keep it put in the area where it is required. The most common thickeners are soaps and these are usually lithium or lithium complex based but there are also a few aluminum and calcium soaps. There are also complex greases which tend to be thicker and more reliable in higher temperatures.

Some of the Most Common Types of Lubricating Grease out There

  • MP. This stands for ¨multi-purpose.¨ Multi-purpose grease is created for a more general purpose and can be applied in different areas such as car chassis, industrial machinery, farm equipment and other areas where there is metal to metal contact. When using multi-purpose grease make sure that you adhere to the recommended interval change times. Example: AMSOIL Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease NLGI #2
  • EP. This stands for ¨extreme pressure.¨ This type of grease is formulated for more demanding conditions where there tends to be higher loads or more of a sliding/grinding motion. Areas such as rotating shafts, ball joints, and U-joints all benefit more from this type of grease thanks to the special additives it contains. In EP grease that additive is usually molybdenum disulfide (also known as moly) and it enhances the performance on parts where there is constant sliding motion. Example: AMSOIL Semi-Fluid 00 Synthetic EP Grease.
  • Lithium Complex Grease. This type of grease has a higher viscosity and is ideal for more extreme conditions. It is a more resistant grease and has a better high-temperature tolerance, making it ideal for areas where better adherence and higher reliability is necessary. Synthetic is always best for any type of grease as this means enhanced reliability and even longer lasting durability. AMSOIL´s  High-Viscosity Lithium-Complex Synthetic Grease is shear stable and can provide the best corrosion coverage and ultimate wear protection. It is ideal for heavy-duty industrial use or off-road applications where the conditions become very demanding. For performance, durability and top coverage choose AMSOIL. Contact Green Spring Tractor right now at (717) 776-4040 and select the best grease for the application you need.
  • Other. There are other types of grease out there in today´s market, most of which can be used based on the needs and additive enhancements and special application benefits that they provide. For example, there is synthetic racing grease such as AMSOIL´s DOMINATOR® Synthetic Racing Grease, synthetic water resistant grease, and even X-Treme Synthetic Food Grade Grease for applications such as kitchen appliances or food production machinery. For more information on the many different types of grease out there and their composition, you can check out this article in the Maintenace Technology web page.

Find the Right Grease Lubricant and Motor Oil For Your Synthetic Oil Change in Chambersburg

You can find the right type of grease to meet the individual lubrication needs of each equipment part or vehicle piece on AMSOIL´s online store or directly with Green Spring Tractor . Contact them right now at (717) 776-4040 for more information and assistance in selecting the ideal lubricant for the job.      

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