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The Huge Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Synthetic Grease

Synthetic motor oil and synthetic grease are two different things although sometimes it can be easy to mistakenly use one term for another. Most likely you already know what motor oil is. It is the lubricant that engines require in order to reduce friction and wear of its internal parts. Synthetic grease, on the other hand, is a thicker type of lubricant that has a similar function but a different application. Today we want to take the time to explain the differences and similarities between one product and the other.

Synthetic Motor Oil: Its Job and What It Is Used For

Motor oil has several important functions, lubrication being its primary function and cooling and cleaning being its secondary jobs. Click here for more details on the job and functions of motor oil. Without motor oil, the engine would not be able to truly function and would not last very long. Due to this, all engines require quality motor oil that can last. That is why synthetic oil is a much more effective lubricant for motors. The strong molecular composition of synthetic oil allows it to provide more durable protection for your engine.

Synthetic Grease: Its Job and Use

Synthetic grease may sound similar to synthetic oil but they are two different types of lubricants used for two different types of jobs. Synthetic grease is not applied internally to the engine because it is a semi-solid lubricant that tends to have a more external application. These type of lubricants are used for areas where it is necessary that the lubricant stays in place, and where circulation of the lubricant is not necessary, such as in the chassis of a vehicle. AMSOIL offers a wide variety of synthetic grease for different types of vehicles and applications. From those required to grease and winterize a boat to  those used for racing or off-track vehicles. No matter what type of synthetic grease you need or what motor oil lubricant you require, at Green Spring Tractor you are bound to find it. Contact them today at (717) 776-4040.

The Difference Between Synthetic Grease and Synthetic Oil

Synthetic grease is applied in areas where a thinner and more oily substance would not be sufficient because of its more fluid-like properties. That means that although synthetic motor oil works great for circulating and flowing through the inside of the engine and lubricating its parts, it would not do such a great job at staying put, nor should it. That means that even though synthetic motor oil is great for protecting your engine, synthetic grease is not a good substitute. You see, synthetic grease has exceptional lubricating properties for areas that require water protection, friction reduction, and thick lubrication but inside a motor, it would be harmful because of its thick viscosity. It would not be able to circulate and flow to the different areas that need protection and would be useless in that application.

Quality is Important but Using the Right Product is Crucial

It is very important to emphasize that the quality of the products that you use makes all the difference. This is true whether it be motor oil, brake fluid, or even the tires of your car. However, you need to select the right product for the job. It sounds incredibly simple and even absurd to mention this but you would be surprised at how many new drivers are not aware of what products they need to use for what application. Higher quality products will result in a higher level of performance and more efficient results. Yet, even if you buy the best quality product you need to use it correctly and apply it to the adequate area in order to obtain the results you want. You cannot go out and buy the most durable and high-performance bike tires and then expect them to work perfectly on your car. The same thing goes for lubricants. You need to buy quality products but you need to ensure that that product is the right oil grade or type of lubricant for the job. Otherwise, instead of obtaining outstanding results you will end up with an outstanding problem.

What You Need for Your Synthetic Oil Change in Chambersburg and Other Lubricant Applications

When in doubt always consult a professional and never be afraid to ask questions. It is always best to ask ahead of time even if it sounds silly rather than end up ruining your engine or another part of your vehicle because you applied the product incorrectly. AMSOIL dealer James Martin is always ready to offer the best support and most friendly answers to all your questions in regards to engine lubrication and maintenance. Call him today at (717) 776-4040 and get a hold of the right AMSOIL products for the job. 

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