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Keep Your Boat Performing Optimally With a Synthetic Oil Change in Carlisle

If you���re lucky enough to have a boat then the chances are that you want to take the best care of it you can so that it’s ready to get you and your friends out on the water. While there are certain types of maintenance...

How to Know Your Transmission Needs Help

It can be hard to always know what's happening with your transmission as you drive, and any problems that you may notice might not be thought of as transmission related. In this post, Green Spring Tractor has a few signs to share to...

How to Know When Your Tires Need Changing

Have you ever wondered if it's time to change your tires, but you weren't sure what to use as a gauge? While there is no substitute for your own mechanic's advice, Green Spring Tractor has a few ways for you to use when assessing the condition...

How to Store Gardening Equipment When Not in Use

While there are some gardening items that you might use each month, there are likely others that you don't use for an entire season. If you have gardening equipment that you store for extended periods of time, take these tips...
While you had a great time over the summer, it's time to start preparing for the colder months of the year. Keep in mind that storing your mower properly is one of the activities that you shouldn't forget to prepare your machine for the next lawn mowing season. That's why at Green Spring Tractor...

Driving Safety

It's very easy to overlook certain aspects that are crucial for being a good driver. However, there are many small details that are very important to have a smooth ride. For this reason at Green Spring Tractor in Harrisburg we would like to share helpful safe driving tips.


Car breakdowns happen when we least expect them and they can represent a major setback during your trip and even become a threat. However, regular care and maintenance is the best way to avoid these problems. For this reason at Green Spring Tractor in Harrisburg we would like to share some of the...

How to Prepare Your Car for Long Distance Driving

Well, it's that time where Summer gets ready to leave and take the beautiful weather with it. But don't despairin this post, Green Spring Tractor has some tips about how you can prepare your car to squeeze in one more summer road trip.



Preventative Measures to Save You Money

Just like maintaining our physical health through preventative measures such as exercise and diet that lessen our number of visits to the doctor and keeps us healthier, maintaining your car’s transmission can save you money and keep your car happy. Green...
Driving at night can be spooky, and with good reason: not only is the sun hiding, but there are a lot of dangers and disadvantages that come with driving with decreased visibility. In order to help you be safe while you’re driving during the nighttime, you can read and follow the tips mentioned...

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