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Raise your hand if you know you’ve been a little negligent with your car. We are all guilty of some of these common car maintenance mistakes; we should be better car owners. James Martin, AMSOIL dealer in Newville will like you to know and do something about the maintenance mistakes.



Common Car Maintenance Questions Answered

Cars are complex pieces of machinery. They are made up of so many systems and components. Each model is unique, so it can be hard to make generalizations about how and when to conduct certain maintenance tasks. On top of this, each car owner’s priorities...

Save Yourself Some Money by Doing Your Own Synthetic Oil Change

Engine oil is essential for the safe and smooth functioning of any vehicle. It lubricates the tiny, metallic components in the motor, combats friction and thereby helps to control the temperature. Engine oil also plays an important...

Does Engine Placement Affect Handling?

Everyone knows where to find their vehicle’s engine, however not everybody knows the difference between an engine placed in the front and an engine placed in the back. If you are interested in learning about the benefits of both, Amsoil Dealer - James Martin...

What Is Motor Oil for and Why Is Synthetic Oil Superior?

There are so many pieces of technology in our modern lives that we tend just to use them without giving any thought to how they work or why we use them in the way that we do. Not many of us have ever thought about how the water travels...

How to Plan for Your Next Long-Haul Drive

Taking a vacation can often be a great way for you and your family to enjoy some time together away from the stresses of work and study. However, with rising flight prices and travel limitations, taking such a vacation can seem out of reach for many...

Buying a Quality Used Car - What to Do and What to Ask

There’s nothing quite like the excitement of getting a new car. Whether it’s brand new off the showroom floor or you’re buying it used from a car lot or a dealer, getting into a vehicle that’s new to you and one that is yours is an unmatched...

Protect Your Engine From the Damage Cold Weather Can Bring With the Best Synthetic Oil Change in Newville

With the temperature gauge in your car generally sitting in the middle or on the higher side of the gauge, most everyday motorists are left to think, and rightfully so, that any instances of...

Increase Performance and Reduce Ongoing Costs With a Synthetic Oil Change in Dauphin County

From your speedboat to your jetski. From your regular day-to-day drive to a performance car. Even from your lawnmower right through to your range of professional landscaping equipment. While each of these...

Keep Your Lawn Mower Maintenance Costs Down

From running your lawnmower once a month, to running numerous lawnmowers and an extensive range of landscaping equipment, extending the lifespan and getting the most out of your investment is important to all owners. Whether you are just...

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